Mary-Jane & Juliette

Age: 20
Size: 10
Job: amateur starletts
Likes: Juicy Pussies, Hard Clitorises and wet mouths
Sexiest thing ever done: I have masturbated almost every day for over 10 years! No wonder I have good skin! - Juliette
Naughtiest thing ever done: Having sex on my parents bed while they were on holiday...and not washing or changing the sheets
Favourite part of body: Pussies
Why: Because they purr and pant and keep us up at night wanting to be pleasured.
Biggest fantasy: To gow our pubic hair back to it's original full bush.
Mary-Jane and Juliette have a liking for each other which goes beyond friendship. They like to please and purr and moan when they get turn-on (whch is frequent). In this video we go out to the country for some naked romping around and the girls show us just how much they're into each other.

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