Dandy & Hannah

Age: 20
Size: 10
Job: D) Unemployable (H) Oxfam Fun Raiser
Likes: (D) Nirvana, Alcohol (H) Esoteric studies
Sexiest thing ever done: (D) I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you. (H) Hijacked the toilets in a campsite for the night and explored every inch of the floor and sinks with my boyfriend
Naughtiest thing ever done: (D) Well, naked on the inernet inserting objects in my pussy and arsehole definately comes close! (H) Getting married so I can stay in Australia
Favourite part of body: (D) Hands (H) Hands and Ears
Why: D) I could spend all day staring at hands . Have you ever watched them? They're incredible. (H) I love my long fingers - they're great for playing instruments and my ears are quite cute and elf-like.
Biggest fantasy: (D) I just wanna be fucked in a graveyard! (H) To have some fun with my lover in zero-gravity. And to surf naked

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