Paula & Elizabeth

Age: (P)23 (E) 20
Sign: (P) Aquarius (E) Libra Size: (P) 12 (E) 10
Job: (P) Freelance writer for GoW (E) Masseuse
Likes: (P) Sweet things, Sex, Music, Animals (E) Partying, live music, chocolate, spontaneity.
Sexiest thing ever done: P) Pop on a strap-on & use it on Dandy – one very drunk & raunchy night involving a hot bath and candle wax. (E) Sex on a car bonnet at the beach with my boyfriend, I like spontaneity.
Naughtiest thing ever done: (P) Masturbate often while my b/f is asleep & not include him in my ultimate pleasures. (E) A cucumber was involved once.
Favourite part of body: (P) Eyes, Ears & Titties. (E) BOOBS
Why: (P) Why not eh? (E) Perky boobs and puffy nipples
Biggest fantasy: My first sexual experience: (P) I cant remember (E) I was young, and is was short- over within five minuets. Very spontaneous but good over all. Glad to lose my virginity with my first ever boyfriend.
My last sexual experience: (P) Doing a 69 with my husband (E) A couple months ago I was really drunk at a party, it was very spontaneous.
Elizabeth came over for another solo shoot and when she was hanging out in the office Paula rang to say that she was having a “sickie””. Annie used her wisdom & cunningness and jumped in the car and drove straight over to Paula’s house with Elizabeth in tow.

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