Steel & Wednesday

Sex is not just about the in-out action. In this photo set it’s about the tease, the tension, the anticipation, the thrill… it’s all part of the game. Wednesday is surrendering to the dominant Steel. Deep kissing, tongues entwined and wrists bound and tied. Steel gives herself full access to Wednesdays curvy body and full bush. Fingertips graze down the contours of Wednesdays back as stockings slide off, exposing a hairy pussy and arse aching to be fucked. Steels tongue traces up Wednesday’s inner thigh, closer and closer to her swollen labia. Two fingers in, making her moan. Turn her over, a tight little asshole just begging for rimming. Wednesday is dying to cum, but Steel has other ideas.


Every time you see a hot chick riding a bike, you really want to think she’s sitting on something, fucking her seat. This time Wednesday is! She’s just made it home before the rain really starts pouring down. She gets off her bike and we see her hot hairy pussy sliding up and down this black-suction cup dildo that is stuck to her bike seat. After fucking her bike she hops off and keeps fucking herself in the rain. Wednesday produces a lot of cum and loves public nudity! So don’t be surprised when the next girl you see riding a bike has a massive smile on her face.