Health and fitness is vital in this age of sedentary living, desk jobs, and fucking your face on facebook. We get the girls out in the fresh air today, to do some stretching and wellness exercise with a Yoga twist. Does it sound good…? It is good, and it is good for you. Jump off your chair, put a leg up, feel the air in between your legs… now look at the photo set and feel your muscles stretching in ways you?ve only ever dreamt of…

Molly & Rosie

Take a trip back to the day that made GOW history, the day when our (not very) innocent boom mic operator MOLLY switched roles and became the MODEL in this hot, orgasmic girl/girl with the one and only ROSIE!
The BTS pics show all the transitions from clothed to nude, kissing to fucking, laughing to talking sex with Annie behind the scenes and in interviews. The nervous vibe turns into a happy contented feel as the day progresses and everyone gets well-fucked, come along for the ride and enjoy these fun, sexy and cute BTS pics with your favorite pair.

Erotic Photographer Rosie

Erotic Photographer Rosie, with her famous hairy bush is taking a long holidayShe took her little camera away with her to the beach for a few self shot series with herself and new friend Pepper. Pepper has a creative eye for what is hot in the land of porn, and shot some awesome abstract pictures of Rosie frolicking around naked at the beach. We have the wet look, the sandy look, the spread-eagle look, the handstands, the falls, the spills and the good times that comes with taking a well earnt rest. Photos by Pepper


Not long til the Olympics kick off in London. So get out your tight leotards, tuck in your fanny, and let’s get moving! Stretching, piling up, co-ordinated rhythmic routines, kicking, chin up, legs up, smile… Roxie is taking charge and putting Rosie and Georgia thru a heart pumping, booty bashing workout that will make them sore for days. Problem is it’s so hilarious…. Oh Moi Gawd – when Roxie puts her mind to it she can do anything!!


Talking a long hot bath is a little luxury Rosie likes to indulge in when time permits. Her arse is begging for a prodding, she has a new double ended toy, its stainless steel, hard and cold against her pale young wet flesh. Soaking her long dark curly pubes and armpit hair gets her in the mood for deep anal penetration with her new toy. Wet and succulent, this young nymh is cute and just a bit naughty. Rosie fans beware: she gets sexier with age.

Panda & Rosie

Rosie and Pandas big shoot was a beautiful day – the sun was out and so were the tits, asses and hairy pussies which were glowing and glistening and oozing in the fresh air of the backyard.
Step inside the CREWS world as we show you all the ins and outs of a deliciously sexy girl girl shoot with these two naughty girls.
We love to be outside, and being naked, snatching upskirts and flashing to the camera all comes naturally to us bad girls.