If you were the Boss and could have any secretary you wanted, most likely, you would choose Johanna. She’s smart, dresses in sexy work attire, has killer legs, and booty you could look at all day long. She’s easily distracted though, and the filing soon ends up on the floor, and so does she! She squirms around, getting out of her stockings, panties, and corporate wear. Lying there touching herself all day long, its not surprising nobody can get any work done at

Johanna & Moana

Ramona, Office Slut, is now taking pictures. Here’s her high send pics taken during the making of Johanna and Moana’s “After the Party Cleanup” movie, which is up on Sunday. Check out the beautiful tanned girls with clothes on and then naked – wooohooo – we have some big breasts, round ripe arses, and happy girls enjoying their bodies in the laneway.