Behind the Scenes

When we arrived at Daisy’s place she was tidying the last of her stuff and anxiously awaiting Lisa’s arrival. You could see the excitement build in her eyes as we heard the knock at the door. Daisy let Lisa in and they got straight into the bedroom to put on matching outfits for the video while Annie and I set up the lights and the cameras. After everything was set up, outfits were on, champagne was poured and we were about to start filming when the big fridge in the kitchen turned on and let out a horrible growling noise that had no intention of stopping. Daisy and Annie pulled it out of it’s place and yanked the plug straight out of the wall leaving the room nice and quiet. We filmed the video and were dumbfounded by the girls willingness and ability to perform the naughtiest of things. We all took a little break to have a drink and plug the fridge back in. “The fridge won’t turn on!” Daisy exclaimed, so we all rushed over to see what the problem was. After a bit of stress and investigating the problem was discovered so we plugged it in and moved onto the photographs. Daisy’s room was the setting for the photo shoot so we all piled into the compact space jam packed with guitars, gym equipment, photography lights, a huge bed and quite a bit of mess. The girls got onto the bed with their ice-creams in hand, slurping and sucking on their creamy sweets. Once they had enough they wanted a piece of each other so they handed the ice-cream leftovers to me and got started on taste testing one another’s body parts. They began by ripping off each other’s sweet little outfits while sucking face and grabbing each other all over. As soon as they were naked they began fingering each other in all sorts of different positions while squeezing each others breasts and arses. Then they still wanted more so Lisa started eating Daisy’s fully shaved pussy! Once we were all done we asked the girls to tell us how they felt about their lesbian liason day “Today was easy, Lisa is just so sensual and sexy” Daisy said with a cheeky smile. “It was awesome fun, really relaxed” Lisa said as she glanced over at Daisy. When we asked if they had any special plans for the money Daisy burst out excitedly “We’re going to Sydney for the weekend to stay at a backpackers and fuck around with backpacker boys and party!” she said.

Daisy & Eden

Ring…Ring….“Hi Annie, long time no see! I was wondering if you have any modeling work for me?” I asked desperately as Annie answered the phone. “Hi chook, I’ll definitely have some modeling work for you soon but I need some different help right now. Can you type?” Not knowing what I was getting myself into I said, “Why yes, I can type, not fast, but typing all the same” “My two assistants haven’t returned from Rainbow Serpent” Annie said with hint of despair, “And I need someone to help me!” So, I jumped in my automobile and sped over to save Annie from a fate worse than death…..the fate of being unassisted! When I arrived Annie threw me onto the computer to write up some news. Before I knew it, it was time to go out on a shoot with a petite treat called Daisy Duke. Annie had planned where she wanted to shoot so we all hopped in the car and were off – out west. Along the way the question of “What to use as a sex toy” came up and after much contemplation a beer bottle was decided upon. I pulled over at a bottle shop where Daisy and I browsed and eventually chose the classic longneck bottle of Carlton Draught. I can honestly assume that there has never been a luckier beer in the existence of man kind, but god knows if it new what we had install for it. Shortly after the beer pit stop. Annie filled us in on the half demolished factory and told me that I was official Look Out to ensure no uninvited visitors came prying. With hearts pumping we crawled through the convenient hole in the wire fence and walked briskly around the corner to a less conspicuous spot. The bags of clothes and photography gear dropped and we all got to work. I began documenting every moment on the G7 (BTS camera) and occasionally turning to do a 360 degree check on our industrial environment. Daisy Duke and Annie began, Daisy undressing and Annie continuously click, click, clicking away. When she began inserting the beer bottle I could hardly believe that I was witnessing such erotic acts. It was at that moment I realized I had stumbled across one of the greatest jobs I could’ve ever hoped for, I now officially work in the pornography industry! I spotted the mud puddles only meters away and suggested to Daisy we jump in. So we put on our bikinis and jumped straight into the sloppy bliss, that was to become “Muddy Puddles” the Movie!! The mud was so smooth it felt like lubricant and it was so cold our nipples hardened. Kissing passionately we couldn’t keep our hands off of each other and completely forgot Annie was filming. Eventually we made our way back to the office and I then jumped in my car and cruised home. By the time I got there I was used to the feeling of dry, cracking mud all over my body, so when my housemates asked in surprise “What have you been up to today?” I smiled my cheeky smile, sat down and said “you wouldn’t BELIEVE what I did today, but I’ll tell you………..” Written and Photographed By Eden