Amber Rose

Going Green and Vegan today with the AWESOME Amber Rose kicking back and getting healthy in the backyard. Delicious to look at and delicious to taste!
Brunette, brown eyed and in bright red lipstick she smiles as she gives a nice spread of her hairy pink pussy. Stretching her legs straight up into the air her ass looks so fine! We are so excited to introduce you to Amber Rose and we are sure we will be seeing lots more of her!

Amber Rose & Daliah Amor

Have you fallen in love with Amber Rose and Daliah yet? Both with infectious, warm smiles and gorgeous horny pussies there isn’t much not to lust over!
This BTS set is filled with all of those things- some delicious booty shots as well as giggling naked in the shower. If you are anything like us you can’t get these two off your minds, or your hands out of your pants when thinking of them!