Nicole & Viola

On a hot sunny day our latest busty duo, Viola and Nicole, come outside to play a raunchy game of Air Hockey. This naughty pair, look hot in their skimpy short shorts and low neckline singlet tops. The game ends in despair, there can only be one winner. The loser has to get ravished, and fucked against the gaming table. They kiss and suck on those glorious big breasts. Taking off the tiny shorts and singlets they passionately finger fuck pussies every which way til their knees crumble in orgiastic shudders.


You’ve asked for more Laney and we are giving you what you want! This super hot BTS set is full of all the sexy shots from our day with this feminine sex machine.
Curvy redhead Laney has a fiery libido and we are so thankful she shared her time with us to fuck herself silly! Always with a smile on her face and a sex toy up her hairy cunt, we enjoyed every minute with her!


After going through Envy’s toy box, I felt it was time to go through the GoW toy box to see if I could beat off on a Friday afternoon before I hit the town tonight. What I love about all the toys you can get is all the different colors they come in, red, purple, blue, orange, heck – any colour you fancy. So I thought I’d picked one that I haven’t used yet and give it in a at the office. Isn’t that what everyone does in their office? Geez!

Tindra Frost

Busty brunette Tindra Frost simply glows outside in her sexy bikini. With a cheeky smile she pops her tits out for some sun. Bending over she pulls down her bottoms to show off her round hot ass, spreading it to reveal her tight pink asshole and slippery, hairy pussy!
Squatting in the grass she penetrates herself with a toy, fucking herself in and out and getting wetter and wetter! Cooling off with a spray from the hose her body looks amazing as it reflects the light off every curve!

Luka & Nikki Silver

Nikki and Luka are fit, furry friends from the USA dangling precariously on a rock, their naked bodies are strapped tightly into harnesses with ropes and pulleys giving them a front and rear wedgie. Getting a buzz from the excitement they scale the rock to a nice safe place where they can grind their furry pussies into the face of the other. The sexual tension is peaking as they tear into a girl/girl sex fest!


Autumn is here, lucky for us it’s still warm so the girls are bouncing around outdoors enjoying the sunshine! Flori is one of the quiet ones that you have to watch out for? With her cute puffy nipples, hairy pussy, she’s smiling and rolling around in the Autumn leaves. Touching her flaps, small breasts, and arse, she gets straight into some serious multi-finger insertion in pussy and arse. Expect to see much more of this stunning young amateur.

Aastrid & Blake Wilde

Aastrid chooses who SHE wants to fuck. This time she had her eyes on Blake and the chemistry is undeniable. We all knew naughty Aastrid was thinking about all the dirty things she wanted to do with Blake, making a mental list and playing out fantasies in her head… Can you blame her?? Blake Wilde is an absolute fox! Her submissive tendencies and Aastrid’s dominant inclinations were a match made in porn heaven – their hot as fuck “Butt Workout” series has been mega popular, we highly recommend taking a look if you haven’t already 😉
Come have a look at this cute little BTS photoset, up close and personal and see how we roll girlsoutwest style.
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20 year old Serena is so hot it’s impossible not to look at her and feel instantly aroused. She has that look in her eyes that screams she will fuck you in every which way until you beg her to stop- but why would you?
With a cheeky grin she relaxes outside with a sex toy to enjoy the sunny day. Even her modest booty shorts and bikini top is too much clothing to enjoy herself- so she strips down naked to masturbate! Really spreading she shows off all her goodness- a juicy round ass and a tasty trimmed pussy just waiting for a good lick!

Penelope & Tamzin

We loved having Tamzin back to shoot with us again, and we think she and Penelope were such a cute pair! We were sure to fill her with plenty of chocolate and PUSSY throughout the day!
This BTS set is filled with smiles, hot pussy eating positions and two amazing curvy bodies having great REAL sex! We love our girls natural, horny and hungry to FUCK!

Kristin Jade

Kristin Jade is an exhibitionist and regularly masturbates outside where there is a chance someone might just look over the fence and catch her. Under the sun she looks so marvelous giving her tits a squeeze and spreading her legs apart to touch her hairy pussy.
Bending over she uses a toy from behind, her favorite position! Her juicy ass spreads open and she shows off her tight pink asshole. Her post orgasm cum is incredible the way it oozes out so creamy! You will want to lap it right up like ice cream!