Joey and Selina

hen I first met Selina and Joey I was really nervous. I’d heard that Selina is a wild woman who loves hardcore sex and that there might be some strap-ons and fisting going on at the shoot. I’d never seen anything like that before, especially not a whole fist in someone’s vagina, so my heart was racing in anticipation of what was going to happen in that little, cluttered room. Joey is Selina’s new girlfriend so Annie and I were both exited to meet her. As soon as we saw the two of them together we could see how much love, appreciation and trust they had for each other. Constant hugs, kisses and loving looks were shared between these two girls and that’s even before the camera’s started rolling! Once we had set up all the light Joey began undressing Selina, sucking and nibbling her nipples and then going down below deck for a taste of her home made cherry pie. When Joey had a nice slice it was Selina’s turn to take charge. She ripped off Joey’s T-shirt and threw her down on the bed. Selina yanked off Joey’s jeans when “KABLAMO!”, one of the photography lights blew. Luckily we had the brand new video light so we set that up, got a new light reading and continued with the shoot. As she pulled down Joey’s panties Selina had a look of anticipation on her face knowing that it was her turn for pie. She slowly made her way down to the scrumptious treat that awaited her. Selina’s job was licking, sucking and fingering Joey’s very hairy twat as Annie did her job of sticking her face and camera deep into the action, snap-snapping away. Tom boy Joey reaches for her black strap on cock and harness as Selina finishes eating her out. Once the harness and dildo are attached securely Selina puts a condom in her mouth and slides it down the dildo until she’s got it deep in her throat and the condom is in place. After a few good sucks she kneels above Joey and sits on the black, rubber penis letting it slide deep into her pussy. After all the awesome sex they muck about briefly on the bed before they remove the blood stained sheets and pillow cases for a wash. “Can we make another video tomorrow?” Selina asked us. So we went back the next day, but that’s another story.

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