Carly C

Meet Carly (20), a German traveler who likes music, food and good sex. With gorgeous blonde hair and features that make us double take, we couldn’t resist shooting her within 24 hours of her coming in for an interview.
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Stretching bending, long and lean, fit Allie is a true Aussie beauty. Her svelte body looks so good as she flexes and stretches her muscles in her tight gym outfit. The seam of her shorts is riding up between her labia creating the most beautiful cameltoe as she moves and feels herself… This brunette hottie has perfect small breasts, a juicy bum with glorious tan lines and the prettiest smile you will ever see!
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Alana B

This cheeky girl is one to watch out for. She’s cute and she’s cuddly, and she’s had many sexual experiences in her young life. Don’t let her innocent looks fool you! She likes cock, and she likes pussy, and she loves to be the meat in the sandwich. Lol
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Alana & Prim

Ever wonder what two GoW models would get up to during a girls night in watching DVDs? Here is your chance to find out with some pictures of the upcoming ”Movie Night” videos with Alana and Prim. These two Aussie amateurs start off cuddled up on the couch, but it’s not long before the fluffy pajamas come off and things really start heating up. With moist pink pussies glistening these two can’t concentrate on anything except pleasuring each other all night long!


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She stretches out and spreads her 18 year old body, with her long blonde hair framing her pretty face. She gets on her knees and slips her fingers inside her fully shaved pussy – one, two, three, four!

Aastrid & Blake Wilde

Aastrid chooses who SHE wants to fuck. This time she had her eyes on Blake and the chemistry is undeniable. We all knew naughty Aastrid was thinking about all the dirty things she wanted to do with Blake, making a mental list and playing out fantasies in her head… Can you blame her?? Blake Wilde is an absolute fox! Her submissive tendencies and Aastrid’s dominant inclinations were a match made in porn heaven – their hot as fuck “Butt Workout” series has been mega popular, we highly recommend taking a look if you haven’t already 😉
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Lulu is ripe and ready for anything. Chilling out in the kitchen, sucking on some juicy fruit and she has that naughty twinkle in her eyes – that look we love so much.
Her long brunette hair cascades down her shoulder, kicking up at her beautiful round breasts. The nipples are inverted to start with then they magically pop out, and then the suction cock dildo makes a foray and it’s a gorgeous sight watching this sweet little thing fuck herself in various positions.


Hot tin shed is an understatement – this shed is positively burning up! But it,s not from the sun, its from the gorgeous brunette who is slowly sliding off her clothes in front of it. With frilly floral lingerie barely covering her curvy, sexy ass and beautiful, shaved, outie pussy, Alana is ready to get naked for you.Browse through these photos as she turns and spreads to show off her assets, and if you’re lucky she might just flash you that dazzling smile!


Alana likes to relax after a big night, so she curls up on her red couch with her laptop. But alana has no panties on and she is feeling frisky. We see some up skirt shots, before alana begins a slow strip tease bending to spread her perfect ass in this series of sensual photos, ending with the beautiful Aussie brunette naked, with her pink outie pussy glistening in the early morning light.