Swimming Pool

In the backyard, in a suburb not far away, everyday couples are making porno. Come and check out the BTS of the very popular Kara and Mart Swimming Pool shoot. Rosie’s working hard, naked and unashamed, frolicking around as the penis enters the vagina, clearly making her one happy little pornographer. This BTS is really funny and cute, showing, that we do in fact sometimes work naked due to the extreme heat of the sun, the hotness of the bodies, and the fact that clothes are too restricting when handling big cameras!

kara mart bts swimming pool

Athena & Zephiros

At a random pool, in a random house, French lovers Athena and Zephiros make out by the poolside in the glorious light of the sun. He whips off her dress, pulls down her panties, and his jeans fall to his knees, showing his lovely long schlong. Her fucks her lying down, standing up, then she dips her feet into the pool as he licks her out. Her vagina is red and swollen and he eats her all up. But this is not the end, she fondles herself and finger fucks whilst he kisses her with open mouth, French style with an Assie.

poolside athena zephiros

Kara & Mart

Suburbia never looked so tempting. In Mart’s backyard, on a sun drenched day, Kara lounges around, enjoying being Boss. Wearing little red bikinis, she’s working on her tan, and working Mart The Pool Boy as he sifts up the leaves. Splish, splash, and Kara’s saturated. Mart takes back control from this feisty girl and whips her into shape. Dacking her pants off, she shoves her arse into his face. His long tongue licks at her arse hole, making her quiver at the knees. She needs his big cock in all orifices, all at once, but he is only one man, how can he fill her up all at once. He will use his super-human qualities and do his best…

kara mart swimming pool

Celine & Johnno

Celine and Johnno love to fuck. He fuck’s her so good, she comes over and over again (we lost count of her Orgasms after number 4). And Johnno’s so verile we got 2 cum shots in 2 separate movies – PERFECT! Plus a massive BTS set and main picture set. This is a BIG BTS set 148 photos, mostly shot by Frances. We have all the funny moments, and the fucking at the BBQ and the Beach Fuck. So much fucking, what a day – getting 2 cum shots and 2 separate movies, a big photo set, and this awesome BTS. We know you love our BTS and this should please you all – get to see up the skirts of the all-female crew, and lots of Celine getting pounded. – The Ladies of the Lens (Annie, Frances & Rosie) xoxo

Celine and Johnno love fuck

Robbie & Mimi

Robbie and Mimi are married and enjoy a healthy sex life. Fitness and sex go hand-in-hand with this couple. Working out daily is part of their routine, so we took them down for a jog, and a quick workout in the outdoor gym, before settling down to fuck. Mimi has a weak bladder, but that’s alright because Robbie likes to be pissed on! You can see some golden shower action in the HD movie WATER SPORTS.
Real Sex is better than Porno Sex!

Mimi and Robbie

Alina & Rowan

Alina and Rowan are nudists. But it’s hard to be naked 24/7 in cold grey England so they’ve come to sunny Australia where they can be naked whenever they want. Down on a city beach we went. Cameras in hand. Full crew of 4 staff. And 2 models to die for. We shot in the water, on the sand, on the cliffs, in front of a wedding party, whilst onlookers stared on with a yearning in their eye and a bulge in their pants. We shot the crap out of these two tanned beauties as they shared their healthy sex life with us. We could not get enough of them. And they worked so hard we shouted them a meal of fish n chips at the pub later (see the pictures for the tastey fishy treats we enjoyed). Rowans cock impressed us all…. So much so that Dandy could not stop wanking the whole day. And you can see her wanking

alina rowan blog

Josie & Lilium

Lilium and Josie loved fucking each other so much it was impossible to capture it all! Even when the camera wasn’t rolling they were licking, fingering and kissing- it was hard to keep up! Check out this sexy BTS set of some hot close ups of two amazingly hairy cunts!
We really loved getting to know this real life couple, and really getting nice and intimate with them. Our favorite shots are the close ups of Lilium’s BUTT PLUG, but we will let you decide what is yours