Abby is the quintessential Aussie chick. Tall, pale skin, busty, redhair, cheeky, horny – and multi-orgasmic – which also makes her the perfect model.
At home with Abby and she’s strutting her sexy all over the house. Come with us, spend a day with Abby at her house, and check out these BTS photos (and also browse her many videos too). It’s easy to see why our members have her at the top of their favourites.

Adelaide C

Petite brunette Adelaide C was such a pleasure to work with. She was happy to share every bit of her body with us- her hairy pink cunt was our favorite part!
The way she moved was both erotic and hypnotizing. She had all the right curves for being so slim. She also has a very cheeky side to her sexiness and this BTS set really captured her devilish smile. Join us for all the fun we had with this cutie!

Alana B

This cheeky girl is one to watch out for. She’s cute and she’s cuddly, and she’s had many sexual experiences in her young life. Don’t let her innocent looks fool you! She likes cock, and she likes pussy, and she loves to be the meat in the sandwich. Lol
Here she is just glowing in the venetian lighting, strutting her stuff on the chair and on the floor. Her pale skin and freckles are as playful as her personality. She’s very orgasmic, and she wants to climax over and over for you.


On a lazy afternoon Abby is lounging around in her checkered shirt and blue cotton panties. The morning light streams in from behind caressing her pale skin. What a lovely day for a wank! While her cute freckles and short ginger hair entice us, down south she pulls her undies back to make a cameltoe and teases us with her juicy pussy.
Baring all to us, we fall in love with her beautiful pale skin and big ample bosoms, as well as her round bouncy ass and sweet, inviting eyes. Come and peek at her wanking and inserting a big purple toy whilst fingering the tip of her anus for extra pleasure. Her pussy is so pink, pretty and moist! After masturbating in all different positions, she steps out back for a piss on the grass. Oh how we love seeing cute girls pee outdoors!

Adelaide C

Petite brunette Adelaide C has a devilish look in her sparkling blue eyes. She has something she wants to show us- and she knows we will like it. Pouring oil over her soft fair skin, she is glistening from head to toe. Caressing her small tits and her slender body she works her hands down inside her panties to her hairy and wet pussy.
Using her fingers to really spread open for us she shows off her pinkness. Sliding her hands between her lips her excitement builds and is showing. Turning around she bends over to display her matching perfect asshole. This new girl loves to show off- and we want to see every bit of it!


Talking a long hot bath is a little luxury Rosie likes to indulge in when time permits. Her arse is begging for a prodding, she has a new double ended toy, its stainless steel, hard and cold against her pale young wet flesh. Soaking her long dark curly pubes and armpit hair gets her in the mood for deep anal penetration with her new toy. Wet and succulent, this young nymh is cute and just a bit naughty. Rosie fans beware: she gets sexier with age.

Ruby Red

The gorgeous Ruby Red has taken off her uniform and instead goes for the sexy white wet T-shirt look. In these Pics, captured by Ramona during the filming, you get to see her become completely drenched in milk before splashing around in it and fucking herself with a toy.
As the warm milk dribbles down from above Ruby is feeling in touch with her body.. Her gorgeous vibrant red hair is a sexy contrast with her pale body and shes absolutely dripping with liquids. now you get to see all this creative, stimulating hot action, in stills, for your pleasure.

Laney & Sondrine

Good Mates Laney and Sondrine took their friendship to the next level in their 4K Movie Surrender. Now come and take a peek Behind The Scenes with this candid snapshot photo set of two lovely ginger girls – hanging out, being intimate, and enjoying the camera gazing up them.
We can see some lovely facial expressions captured between filmic moments, pure fun, and lots of hair – armpit hair, bushy pussie shots and languid moments of a pleasant afternoon of love-making sapphic style.


We have fallen in love with blonde haired, blue eyed Penelope. Her sexy curvy body looks so delicious, and when paired with a banana she is the perfect dish. Smashing it between her fingers and onto her plump tits will make you hungry to lick it right off!
Penetrating her wet, neatly trimmed pussy with the phallic fruit, you can see her juices ooze right out. Penelope is a very naughty girl- and that’s just how we like them!
This blonde bombshell will definitely be back to play more, who would you like to see her paired with?

Loretta Wolf

This brunette newbie is full of smiles and happiness. She is also extremely sexy and eager to delight you with her presence! Posing on the stairs she is able to get into some really impressing positions showing off every curve and crevice of her slim, fit body!
She has the cutest neatly trimmed bush topping off her meaty, pink pussy! Gripping her ass cheeks she gives a spread to show off her cunt and her tight anus. She is coming back for more shoots and to fuck another hot model! Who would you like to see her with??