Marilyn & Minx

These sisters are doing it for themselves. Horny and ready to fuck, they have strapons, dildos, vibrators and giant plastic cocks and they know where to stick ‘em. Beautiful HD pics by Rosie, captured during the making of the movie “Sisterly Love” Start to get excited guys, the main movie is not far away. Marilyn is the blonde, 25 years old, fit and muscular. Minx is the brunette, 30 years old, dirty and always up for a fuck- anywhere, anytime.

Penelope & Trillion

In a bed of silk sheets Penelope and Trillion are feeling frisky to strip each other of their sexy lingerie and lick EVERYWHERE. Penelope sucks on Trillions hairy cunt while looking sensually deep into her eyes. Moving down to her feet she sucks them hungrily, growing hornier and hornier!
Lots of passionate kissing and exploring every inch of each other, this was a gorgeous shoot to capture and we hope you feel the passion! There are videos to come of these two, don’t worry- this just just foreplay!

Alana & Prim

Ever wonder what two GoW models would get up to during a girls night in watching DVDs? Here is your chance to find out with some pictures of the upcoming ”Movie Night” videos with Alana and Prim. These two Aussie amateurs start off cuddled up on the couch, but it’s not long before the fluffy pajamas come off and things really start heating up. With moist pink pussies glistening these two can’t concentrate on anything except pleasuring each other all night long!

Nicole & Viola

On a hot sunny day our latest busty duo, Viola and Nicole, come outside to play a raunchy game of Air Hockey. This naughty pair, look hot in their skimpy short shorts and low neckline singlet tops. The game ends in despair, there can only be one winner. The loser has to get ravished, and fucked against the gaming table. They kiss and suck on those glorious big breasts. Taking off the tiny shorts and singlets they passionately finger fuck pussies every which way til their knees crumble in orgiastic shudders.

Luka & Nikki Silver

Nikki and Luka are fit, furry friends from the USA dangling precariously on a rock, their naked bodies are strapped tightly into harnesses with ropes and pulleys giving them a front and rear wedgie. Getting a buzz from the excitement they scale the rock to a nice safe place where they can grind their furry pussies into the face of the other. The sexual tension is peaking as they tear into a girl/girl sex fest!

Penelope & Tamzin

We loved having Tamzin back to shoot with us again, and we think she and Penelope were such a cute pair! We were sure to fill her with plenty of chocolate and PUSSY throughout the day!
This BTS set is filled with smiles, hot pussy eating positions and two amazing curvy bodies having great REAL sex! We love our girls natural, horny and hungry to FUCK!

Waterfall Chicks

We take four cute young chicks for a skinny dipping adventure at the local waterfall. We have the place all to ourselves and the girls enjoy feeling the water rush between their labia as they sit in the fresh stream, kissing, touching and feeling young wild and free. Down to a large pond and the girls go way deep, swimming, soaking, getting some sun on their tan lines. All the girls are in there early twenties and their names are Natacha, Debra, Penelope, and Lola.

Livia & Nailah

One way to keep the moisture from building up between your legs is to liberally apply talcum power after a shower. Do it with your best mate, it feels much better. After Livia and Nylah took a steamy shower with their clothes on, and kissed and fondled, they’re now in the drying off phase … talcum powder galore, white fluffy stuff, over tanned skin… and it just proves, that showering with your friend is more fun than on your own.