Real Life Chef Logan

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook? Have you ever turned on the cooking channel with a secret fantasy that the women would get naked and start masturbating? Well look no further. Come see our real life chef Logan beating more than the eggs. Take a look as she slowly becomes more and more bored with her baking and decides to bash one out there and then with the utensils on the countertop. Your private baking lesson begins! A baking beat off! Just what you wanted!

Real life chef Logan


Paige is a rare beauty. Her piercing eyes, Colgate smile, and perky tits makes her very easy to look at. She’s tall and lean, and her booty is built for fucking. Waking up horny as usual, she has a little fiddle in her panties, getting aroused with her fingers on her clit, before inserting a sex toy into her tight pussy. On the floorboards she writhes around in ecstasy enjoying every inch of penetration til she climaxes.


22 year old Adrianna walks the beach alone, collecting shells and feeling the sexy salt air on her lovely English flesh. Her purple dress doesn’t stay on for long and she soon discovers a beautiful rare glass sexy toy just lying there in the sand. Standing up, she inserts it deep inter her tight pussy. Her labia clenches it as she pushes it in and out. Her pretty face shows the pleasure and her body reacts and moves into gorgeous positions. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy your naked body outside, in the sun, by the seaside.


Taking our wild m.i.l.f.s. on sexy adventures outdoors is something we love to do. Anya is a thrill seeker, enjoying feeling the sun and surf on her tanned lean body. Annie crawls around in her one-piece bathing outfit getting right up the crack, cliffside, as Anya strutts her stuff like a true sex kitten. The landscape we shoot in is sometimes as sexy as our models. Check out the yellow cliffs, and roaring see, and just imagine what it would be like to come stumbling across our shoots.


Meet Panda; a young internet exhibitionist who is passionate about all things sexy! Panda spends a lot of time at home gaming, so naturally we went on a hunt for a sexy phallic joystick and had her gyrate and grind on it.
Up against the white wall with her sexy stockings on, she’s pushing the joystick up and down as if she’s doing a high speed car chase just behind the camera. Soon, the clothes come off and we’re ready to see some hairy pussy and ass action close up in macro!
Panda is incredibly orgasmic, and you can see her cum dripping over the toy as she pulls it in and out -yummy! Being a big fan of anal, she plays with her but whilst she fucks herself.
The day is never short of excitement when Panda is here!


AMERICAN OVERBOARD!! Stranded, sinking, shipwrecked and suffering….. that is the theme for Sahara’s first photo shoot. Waving the distress signal furiously, some random pornographers just happen to stroll by and find this busty, furry girl wet and horny submerged in the murky waters…. Sahara has a little fiddly with her fanny then grabs her meaty elastic flaps and tugs and pulls, and wow – they are so stretchy! Do you like meaty flaps… cum check them out in close-up


Food is a turn on.If you want to know the way into a girls pants, its through food. We like to feed our ravenous models and keep them hungry for more more more!
Fresh from the drive-thru, year old Adalita is famished and ready to scoff down some greasy junk food. Come and pig out with Adalita and watch as she pulls her panties over and shows off her amazing puffy pink pussy.
This girl has a thirst for anything naughty, sexy or exciting. When she came in for her interview she was filled to the brim with sexy stories, fantasies and ideas that had us all soaking wet.
Annie is getting right into all of Adalita’s tasty nooks and crevices to give you the best view in close-up. Adalita has a gorgeous, juicy, meaty pussy? Much healthier too, than fast food.
Adalita is super horny, fucking herself with a toy in the car, pushing it in and out of their edible juicy meaty pussy.. bent over the dashboard in doggy and her round ass is so dam penetrable, looks better than a hamburger.


The first day I met Lisa was like any other day in the office, typing about vaginas and breasts and smoking cigarettes in the workplace with Annie. We had already heard stories from Daisy Duke about how amazing this girl looks so we had and inkling we would be impressed. She strutted into the office, chatted for a while with Annie and then came the test shots. Va va va voom! What titties! I hadn’t seen a pair of breasts quite as amazing as Lisa’s since…. Well…. Ever. We booked her in straight away and began scheming some ideas. When we went to Lisa’s house we were in awe. It’s such an immaculate town house, with a TV that could squash a dozen water melons under it’s huge screen. She showed us around upstairs then we entered the kitchen and dinning area. We had planned to do an spontaneous outdoor shoot but when we laid eyes on the banquet style kitchen table with enough light pouring in we decided this was the perfect place for her debut shoot. As the clothes began to shed I began to realize that it’s not only Lisa’s boobies that are pure genetic perfection but the rest of her as well. Below the tits was the slim waist, nicely toned, then came the hips that led onto her ass. Her ass is like two marshmallows side by side, soft and smooth with the ultimate shape. From there came her legs, long, flexible and completely shaven. Lisa posed and I reflected light onto her as Annie did her magic behind the camera. Time got away from us, we were entranced by Lisa’s beautiful body, then suddenly we heard the front door open…….. SHIT! Clothes on quickly, carrot thrown away, where’s the soiled panties….. everything conspicuous packed up in lighting speed and just then came a very unhappy looking man with a motorcycle through the garage. Lisa’s housemate wasn’t expecting to come home to a couple of strangers doing odd things in his dinning room (but apparently he’s always grumpy anyway). Because we liked Lisa so much we booked her in for a half day shoot shortly after our abruptly ended session last time. After much thought and planning we concluded that we would go to two different outdoor settings and an indoor one. The indoor filming was first up so we headed towards my old abandoned house to break and enter. After I unlocked the door with my key (that I never returned when I moved out) we all hurried in to try to be as inconspicuous as possible. Annie chose a sun drenched room to shoot in. Lisa and her began making the Stripe Tease film while I quietly wandered around my ex-home remembering all the things I’d stolen from the soon to be destroyed building. Unexpectedly Annie called me over and said “There’s some men outside the window peeping in.” I went to check them out but by the time I got there they had moved on. Phew! I’m so glad they didn’t cause us any troubles. We packed up again in lightning speed, hearts racing and drove to our next location. The park next to the river was so nice & quiet on that sunny day. Mothers were pushing their babies in prams, people were jogging and we were shooting porn….. he he… My job at this shoot was purely Look Out. I had to watch for people and then let Annie know when they were too close for comfort so that Lisa could quickly cover up. Luckily there weren’t too many people walking by so I grabbed the opportunity by the balls and snapped a few of BTS pictures – one eye behind the viewfinder, the other on the oncoming joggers. We rapped that one up quickly (within 20 mins) and then burned around in the Bat Mobile to the graffiti. At this park there was a huge concrete wall running up one side with pink black and white graffiti all over it, on the other side was a mechanics shop with not too many workmen around. I was designated Look Out again due to the fact we were in a very open area. People were walking their dogs and having chats about the mundane stuff, totally unaware what was taking place beyond the grassy knoll. Lisa was magic. She followed direction from Annie and wasn’t shy at all when it came to doing rude things with the Cucumber. It was a big long cucumber, that we hand picked that morning, it fitted into her pussy perfectly, and it made a super-duper salad that night. As the sun began to set and the park began to empty the three of us walked towards the car with smiles on our faces, sweaty brows, and wet panties from the adrenaline that is a shoot. Words and Pics by Eden