Do You Want To Get Naked With Us…?

You’ve seen the video and the pictures now the only thing thats left is the BTS set. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as we did. It was such a typical Aussie day, 30 degree temps a bunch of naked and wild chicks set loose on each other. Enjoy these four travelling hotties while the sun shines at the remote outback waterfall in beautiful Australia! Check out the sexy shots of crotches, and groins as we get ready to jump in the wild rivers. Even the crew are naked and loving it. Do you want to get naked with us…? Come and watch!
Do you want to get naked with us…?

waterfall chicks bts

Emerald & Serena

When we heard Emerald was back in town we knew exactly who she needed to fuck first. Asian cutie Serena, full of energy and LUST for hot hairy pussy!!
It was so much fun dressing these babes up in lots of pink, feminine lingerie and then getting them naked again! I think it is easy to say everyones favorite part of the day was watching Emerald PISS!

emerald serena bts

Annabel & Kara

Annabel and Kara are two VERY sexual beings. Theyre hanging out together in bed wearing their sexy nighties, watching the world go by out the window… But these two sexy ladies are just too damn sexy! Their attentions turn to each other… What starts out as some harmless finger-licking ends up as a titty-sucking, neck-biting, hair-pulling, pussy-licking, ass-squeezing, finger-fucking, all-out, hardcore girl/girl sex-a-thon! These two lovely ladies got along like a house on fire and fucked like pros!

annabel kara

Millie & Rylee

Freckly faced Millie gets to lie down now and have the pleasure of receiving a sensuous massage by her mate Rylee. Millie’s little perky breasts and puffy nipples get a good firm massaging with lots of oil. These brunette girls looks so good writhing all over, body slides, tender hands on sore bits, and a good mouthful of breast right in the face to finish up with a happy ending.

massage millie rylee

Busty Dirty Dancing

Rosie shot nice big photos of Zahara’s and Monique’s busty dirty dancing video. They are like a main set, with some BTS pics included showing Annie on video, Frances on BTS, and lots of our busty models swirling around in their little poker dot dresses. Their enormous bossoms bust out and shake all about a great set for breast lovers!

zahara monique dancing