Sweet Ellie

Sweet Ellie didn’t know she had it in her to be so fucking sexy! Which is why when she came to GoW we had an especially great time with her. Innocent at heart her naughty side came out quick- with a steamy photo set in a new sheer black teddy and smoking stockings!
Ellie has a smile that will melt your heart. She is so genuine we feel very lucky to have gotten to spend time with this gem. She would have looked great in anything we could have dressed her in! Have a bit of a peek at what a treat it was to shoot this amazing amateur on her first ever shoot!

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I’d want herto peel that banana and slide it up inside her wet pussy. I’d start licking her while she slowly pushed the banana out of er vagina, while I started to eat it. It’s covered in her juices. I’d lick her clit some more, before eating more banana. After a while the last banana piece falls out of her vagina, so I have to be aware enough to catch it. Her hole is free, so now I can lick that too. She’s soooo sweet…

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Hot Brunette Blake Wilde

Hot brunette Blake Wilde has curves in all the right places! Her tanned booty is perfect and round, the kind you could lose yourself in. Hanging out in the kitchen in tiny panties and thigh high socks, shes watering the plants, getting them all wet and hydrated. Her little white top slips up and we are lucky enough to see some intense under-boob, her nipples are so amazing with their big areola, wow. This girl is tantalising and she knows it – she will leave you weak at the knees.
Her beautiful brown eyes definitely know something you dont, mysterious and deep but still somehow innocent and SUPER CUTE. She fingers and spreads her shaved pussy and deeply penetrates her ass with a big butt toy!

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Petite Jada

Petite 26 year old Jada has a sparkle in her eye as she pulls up her skirt to flash a sneak of her pubic hair. Bending over she plays with her panties, pulling them aside and popping out her pink wet lips. Sucking at her fingers she lubes up to pop one right up her ass and one right on her clit! Her sexy specs slide to the end of her nose as she eyes the camera cheekily, knowing her cum is oozing out of her tight, hairy pussy. We hear she has a male friend that wants to let us shoot him FUCKING her, would you like to see this and imagine it is you?

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Succulent Youthful Sheryl

Succulent youthful Sheryl is watering her plants at the window sill. Looking sexy in a singlet and tight shorts, she soon undresses and cools off her hot lithe body with some water down her flat chest. Her nipples are erect, her boobs are nice and small, and her pussy.well well, that is ready to open right up for a little hand party. Her pussy is virtually shaved, but her labia lips have some lovely ginger pubes on them. Come and take a peek

succulent youthful sheryl


Angie is one of the most memorable models I’ve met so far. Her enthusiasm and happiness shines when she’s in the room so that you almost feel like turning on extra lights when she’s no longer in your presence. As she welcomed us into her home I just knew that I would get along with her like a house on fire. She pulled out a giant pile of bras and g-strings for us to chose from for her shoot. I’d never seen so many bras and panties in one person’s collection. We chose her outfit and then it all began, her energy and willingness to do anything for the camera was awe inspiring. She showed us her tittie tricks with pride and we tried very hard not to let our jaws drop, these natural G-sized breast are a pair in a million! Once the intense shoot full of anal fingering, dildo sex and real orgasms was over she wanted to do some more posing for my BTS camera. She showed me what she gets up to at home when the glamour of the day is over. Putting out the washing and doing the vacuuming are much more fun when you know you’ve just made some hardcore porn in your bedroom. Smiles and Pinches from, Eden, your Jill of all Trades

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