We photograph a lot of German girls here at GoW.com. There’s always a chance the Germans will surprise you. Jill was one German girl who seemed so shy and sweet, then would open her mouth and tell you a dirty story involving some kind of sordid sex. We love these types of girls. For Jill’s first shoot we planned on a full half day shoot out in nature. First stop was a local river which was clean enough to jump into. But we didn’t jump in. We had too many shoots to do to take a break and get soaking wet right now. Jill climbed the rocks, the tree, and squatted by the water, following Annie’s direction like a champion. No one fell over; no bruises left their mark, and no snakes anywhere to be seen. Back up the hill and onto the picnic table for the next series. Jill looked like a banquet, lying there in wait with only a big lens leaning over her. Snap Snap Away….. Another set in the bag. Back in the car and hitting the highway before the looming dark storm clouds open up and pour down upon our nearly naked bodies. Hitchhiking to nowhere on empty country road, Jill stood there naked not even seeing the cars burning along the road at 100 kms hour. Twice we nearly got run-over. Another costume change, Jill gets on top of the fence and meets the goats face to face. “Pants Down! Pants Down!” I yell at Jill as she looks at me in bemusement, “What??” she asks. “Pants Down Pants Down, Like this….” And I physically demonstrate what Pants Down Means. Driving down the road again and looking for the last location. A Kangaroo Fence and an open field set the scene for the Gym Junky Jill video. Out of the boot we pull out some 1980s exercise equipment that makes Jane Fonda’s Fitness Work Out look super modern. Jill rides the bike, jumps the ropes, stretches and lies down for some birds-eye view photography as I shove the lens right up, inside, underneath, getting the hyper-real close-up pussy and arse shots you love. Back in the car and we call in at my parents’ house. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and the tree was lit and beers lay in the fridge. “What lovely girls.” My Mum says when meeting the very innocent looking Brandy and Jill. “Yes,” I thought, so lovely, so good, so sweet you could take them home to meet your parents. Pics by Brandy Words by Annie


We generally associate the word Pearl with something precious or choice; the finest example of anything. Maybe something exquisite and beautiful. Fine and rare, beautiful and well lusted after. We like to think that this applies to our Pearl too. Sitting beautiful with short blonde hair, sweet fair skin and a pair of beautiful, round, supple and firm breasts; she is definitely a sight like no other.
Have a look at this alluring set, and ogle her body in motion, spinning and shaking her hips while the hoops go round and round. Pearl can even strip whilst hooping – talent or what!
We could stare at Pearl all day. Her vivacious attitude and love of being naked outdoors is so hot. Plus her gorgeous hairy outtie pussy is just so tasty.


Cute busty brunette Margarita is waiting by the window, wishing that someone would come in and fill her up with some good old fashioned sexual satisfaction. Her exotic skin aches to be touched and caressed while her ample bosom and arse just cry out to be squeezed… She plays with herself, spreading and massaging her neatly trimmed pussy hoping and longing for someone to burst in and give her the gratification she needs.

Real Life Chef Logan

Have you ever wanted to learn how to cook? Have you ever turned on the cooking channel with a secret fantasy that the women would get naked and start masturbating? Well look no further. Come see our real life chef Logan beating more than the eggs. Take a look as she slowly becomes more and more bored with her baking and decides to bash one out there and then with the utensils on the countertop. Your private baking lesson begins! A baking beat off! Just what you wanted!

Real life chef Logan


Paige is a rare beauty. Her piercing eyes, Colgate smile, and perky tits makes her very easy to look at. She’s tall and lean, and her booty is built for fucking. Waking up horny as usual, she has a little fiddle in her panties, getting aroused with her fingers on her clit, before inserting a sex toy into her tight pussy. On the floorboards she writhes around in ecstasy enjoying every inch of penetration til she climaxes.

Kaya – BTS

The backyard smelt of dog poo soaked in moist soil from the rainy day before. This is not the first time Annie’s been on her hands and knees in dog shit. The things we do for you! The prickly cactus spines threateningly poked out from their military positions on the shelf. The contrast of Kaya’s soft flesh with the rusty metal and spiky, phallic cactus sparked our creativity. This very everyday setting was going to be the platform for Kaya to go off. Who would think something so banal would be so sexy? As if it wasn’t Australian enough we had to throw in an esky for that extra Ozzie flavour. We found it full of water and warm beers from my last party. I’ve been living here for 5 months and I feel lucky because soon it will be demolished and units built on this cute little piece of land. It’s sad that inner city’s old, dilapidated houses are being torn down to make way for concrete prisons with no outside areas. My house is a bit like me – kinda feral and carefree. That’s why we thought it’d be a great spot to shoot Kaya in. She’s a hippy girl who would rather work on a plantation in California for food and board than sell her soul to the devil with a 9-5 job.


22 year old Adrianna walks the beach alone, collecting shells and feeling the sexy salt air on her lovely English flesh. Her purple dress doesn’t stay on for long and she soon discovers a beautiful rare glass sexy toy just lying there in the sand. Standing up, she inserts it deep inter her tight pussy. Her labia clenches it as she pushes it in and out. Her pretty face shows the pleasure and her body reacts and moves into gorgeous positions. It’s a wonderful experience to enjoy your naked body outside, in the sun, by the seaside.