We are all in love with Marina. This 18 year old newbie has blown us away with her awesomeness. She’s very sexual adventureous, likes to push the boundaries, and is into kinky stuff (surprising for somenone so young). She was a hit at the Orgy, having lots of orgasms, and will be featured heavily on in 2014. This BTS set is deliciously naughty.

Marina, Ren and Steel

This certainly was one crazy shoot. We left the office at 11 and didn’t return back until 4 am! This set shows candid shots of the car trip, the pissing, the laughing, the dressing and the shooting. SUN, SEX, SURF is a four part production so there was a lot of action on set. Marina, Ren and Steel show us all of their crazy behind the scenes antics while sipping wine and talking about their lovers. Come and check out all the craziness & nakedness of a GOW threesome!

Eight Girls

Floating around in the crystal blue water, four sirens swim and play, kissing and giggling as the cool water laps around their sheer dresses…. But wait! Someone’s coming!! The pirates rampage down the path and attack, capturing the sirens and tearing them out of their skimpy outfits. A battle of tongues, tits, twats and buttocks ensues! Before long all pirate and siren differences are broken down by the universal language of SEX. Eight girls. All different shapes, sizes, hairiness, ages and ethnicities cumming together in a beautiful cacophony of sapphic, orgiastic delight.

Marina & Taliah

Smoking hot shoot – OMG! And this BTS brings to life a whole new angle of the shoot. So if you enjoyed watching them lick arseholes and fuck pussies then get load of the steaming behind the scenes action, as we shoot barely clothed on a hot day, with temperatures rising as the heat of the action builds up

Marina, Ren and Steel

Jade is taking behind the scenes photos. Avalon and Annie are on the cinematic cameras (c100s) and the girls (Steel, Ren, and Marina) are fucking like crazy., The chemistry is electric, the girls are eating pussy, licking arse, and fingering arsehole, til ORGASM. This day was huge, shooting til after midnight, and driving to a secret location a long long way from home.