Samm Rosee

19 y-o Samm Rosee is a good clean living gal from a nice family. Her hobbies include working out, buying expensive sex toys, and making her home lovely. Today she’s in the laundry washing and drying her eclectic array of bra and panties. Bending over her arse is killer – nice and round and fits well into a short pair of shorts. Her breasts are full and popping out…. and guess what she stumbles upon in the laundry basket….??? You guessed it! A nice long, glass DILDO! This fits nicely into her daily routine – there’s always time for a masturbation break at SammRosee’s house! Come and join us you won’t be disappointed!

sammrosee laundry


High on the hillside blonde Ushi stands at 6 ft tall, kicking the soccer ball in her short dress. We get a peek-a-boo at her panties as she flies around the horizon carefree and horny chasing the ball.
Flowing blonde hair, perky tits, and a cheeky grin makes Ushi pop out from the suburbs beyond. She’s an international traveler and she’s ready to kick start her adventures with GirlsOutWest her by showing you her fit young body in all its glory.

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Athena & Zephiros

At a random pool, in a random house, French lovers Athena and Zephiros make out by the poolside in the glorious light of the sun. He whips off her dress, pulls down her panties, and his jeans fall to his knees, showing his lovely long schlong. Her fucks her lying down, standing up, then she dips her feet into the pool as he licks her out. Her vagina is red and swollen and he eats her all up. But this is not the end, she fondles herself and finger fucks whilst he kisses her with open mouth, French style with an Assie.

poolside athena zephiros

Lila Payne

WARNING – this newbie has dangerous curves! 24 year old Lila Payne will have your jaw dropping at the sight of her oozing sugary whipped cream onto her big juicy tits! Just as you begin to drool while imagining licking all around her big, pink nipples she spreads open her legs to show you her shaved wet pussy.
As if her ass wasn’t amazing enough she shoves in a nice anal toy to really accentuate her perfection. Double penetration is her very favorite and for this we are thankful! We are so excited for lots of hot shoots with this new curvy babe, and hope you can’t stop thinking about her.

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Veronika is one of those girls who just oozes sex. She’s a naughty little minx and she got so turned on during her first shoot that she had to come back for more girl/girl fun! The Italian babe works the lens like a pro and had us all smitten as soon as she walked in. Check out this little BTS set showing Veronika’s crocodile and dildo ride in the river….

veronika croc

Nikki Silver

Furry Nikki has a steaming hot pussy. Some chilly water dribbles down her girl fur, cooling it nicely so she can shove some fingers in for a 3 finger bang session. Leg up, leg down, arse to camera, spreading everything so wide, you can see right inside her. Nikki is a real go-getter – travelling the world, making porn, and making people happy. – Photos by Annie

nikki furry


Katy is super stunning! Wow! This girl has the looks and the moves to make us salivate and need to do a panty change mid shoot. Shes a dark brooding kinda girl, which is sexy as everything she does is more understated, which is hot as you have to work hard to get the girl to open up and show all, but when she does its a good looking sight. Her pussy is creaming itself, her arousal levels are going through the roof as she pushes her boundaries and tries nude modelling for the first time.

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