Trimmed Pussy

Tall, brunette beauty, Charlot has a body that we just can’t get enough of. With her tiny breasts, strong lean torso and legs for days we think it’s a shame for her to ever wear clothes at all! Outside by the hills hoist, Charlot is hanging the laundry out to dry and Rosie is capturing every graceful movement on camera as Charlot stretches and bends, showing off her trimmed pussy to the camera. Charlot is also a fan of anal stimulation and she pushes a finger gently into her asshole as she penetrates herself with the pink glass dildo.

Trimmed Pussy

Eight Gorgeous Girls

In a haze of bliss our eight gorgeous girls radiate in the setting sun. Pretty bras and panties are quickly flung to the floor so the sexy ladies can get at each others juicy pussies, titties and asses. A mass of feminine flesh collides on a massive bed as the interracial hotties fuck like the sex-crazed minxes that they are. Freshly-fornicated they collapse into a tangle of limbs and post-fuck radiance.

eight gorgeous girls


Spunky young Jayde has curves in all the right places. Imagine glyding over Jayde, well lubricated, ready to jump in, thinking safety first, but knowing she is prepared for anything, and willing to give it all a go… Sprawled out on the double bed, thrusting forwards, looking straight at you, this young blonde girl is ready to finger bang her pussy and show you her delicious succulent body in all its glory.

young Jayde


Bree’s been causing around buzz in the forums – ever since her first sample pic went live, members have been creaming themselves with excitement. Even Rosie creamed herself when she shot this lovely photo set of the devine young creature called Bree. She is like a good girl- next- door- type, with a really sexual bad side. Today you will see her as the good girl, bathed in afternoon sun, smiling, and happy go lucky, feeling sexy…. and then we took her to the nude beach and wow!

good girl next door


23 year old Tabu lounges in her inner city pad, looking pretty in a blue cotton dress and sexy panties. She’s on the couch, and feeling cuddly. Touching herself tenderly, she brings up the heat when her hot pussy and ass pop out for a fiddle. It’s a delicate hand party with this sparkly blue eyed babe as she languidly moves her yummy body is so many delicious ways.

sparkly blue eyed babe

Anita H

It’s early morning and the light is streaming through the window. Anita is making a coffee and you can almost smell the aroma. Wearing a lovely pink see-thru slip, you can see the outline of her youthful body as she passes a lazy morning in the kitchen. Her body hair is AWESOME, with long thick curly pubes surrounding a beautiful tight pussy that is eager to open up and engorge a SEX TOY

Anita making coffee