Carmen & Leia

This picture set will tease you into a frenzy before their MAKE-OUT VIDEO goes live this weekend.
Carmen and Leia have a job to do but distraction comes naturally when your partner in crime is so drop dead gorgeous and the clothing rule is optional… but wow do they look good in their tight sexy gold shorts!
Meet Carmen, she is a shy brunette girl who came to us looking to shoot with another sexy girl. On the day she arrived she watched Leia shooting her last scene of the day. Before you know it, a crush developed and a shoot was locked in for the following day Check out the pics and get ready for the video! Lots of wet sponge action, kissing, fondling, breast sucking, and sensual make-out activities that are suitable for the whole family.

Amber Leigh, Morgana, Natalie, Peggie

The New Year is upon us, but before we start shooting more cool girls in 2017, we bring you the Behind The Scenes pictures of the Festive Foursome. This is not to be confused with our BI-ANNUAL Orgy – that is coming this year… so in the off year, we still like to bring you a little celebration of amateur sex – real sex – with everyday girls.
It was a big night, with some of our most loved models of 2016. We had Natalie – a mature, bright, compassionate woman of the world. Amberleigh brought her kinky side and showed she was a strong leader and quite deviant. Peggie pushed and poked her way to heavenly glory, and was thrilled to explore her fantasy of a foursome. Lovely Morgana, the wild card, submitted gracefully to her comrades and tried alot of new things.
We thank ALLl our models for sharing themselves with us so openly and gracefully in 2016. And we invite them to bring their friends to us, and spread the word – that good, fun, natural sex is where it’s at in 2017.
Thanks to our members, for making 2016 another record breaking, ball busting year. Love Annie and the Team xoxo

Blake & Ray

Look at the chemistry in their eyes. The bush is fully grown and they are proud to show it off…Their asses look magnificent – clad in cheeky denim shorts, and also in the buff. The chemistry was real and passionate, both amateurs and crazy about sex, these 2 really hit it off. This BTS set is full of personality, come voyeur on the girls getting dressed, choosing outfits, and hanging out in the nudie between scenes. Rosie is busting her gut, getting down and showing us her crack during the filming. Lots of natural hair and natural smiles, in a real domestic queer share house.


We photograph a lot of German girls here at There’s always a chance the Germans will surprise you. Jill was one German girl who seemed so shy and sweet, then would open her mouth and tell you a dirty story involving some kind of sordid sex. We love these types of girls. For Jill’s first shoot we planned on a full half day shoot out in nature. First stop was a local river which was clean enough to jump into. But we didn’t jump in. We had too many shoots to do to take a break and get soaking wet right now. Jill climbed the rocks, the tree, and squatted by the water, following Annie’s direction like a champion. No one fell over; no bruises left their mark, and no snakes anywhere to be seen. Back up the hill and onto the picnic table for the next series. Jill looked like a banquet, lying there in wait with only a big lens leaning over her. Snap Snap Away….. Another set in the bag. Back in the car and hitting the highway before the looming dark storm clouds open up and pour down upon our nearly naked bodies. Hitchhiking to nowhere on empty country road, Jill stood there naked not even seeing the cars burning along the road at 100 kms hour. Twice we nearly got run-over. Another costume change, Jill gets on top of the fence and meets the goats face to face. “Pants Down! Pants Down!” I yell at Jill as she looks at me in bemusement, “What??” she asks. “Pants Down Pants Down, Like this….” And I physically demonstrate what Pants Down Means. Driving down the road again and looking for the last location. A Kangaroo Fence and an open field set the scene for the Gym Junky Jill video. Out of the boot we pull out some 1980s exercise equipment that makes Jane Fonda’s Fitness Work Out look super modern. Jill rides the bike, jumps the ropes, stretches and lies down for some birds-eye view photography as I shove the lens right up, inside, underneath, getting the hyper-real close-up pussy and arse shots you love. Back in the car and we call in at my parents’ house. It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and the tree was lit and beers lay in the fridge. “What lovely girls.” My Mum says when meeting the very innocent looking Brandy and Jill. “Yes,” I thought, so lovely, so good, so sweet you could take them home to meet your parents. Pics by Brandy Words by Annie


We generally associate the word Pearl with something precious or choice; the finest example of anything. Maybe something exquisite and beautiful. Fine and rare, beautiful and well lusted after. We like to think that this applies to our Pearl too. Sitting beautiful with short blonde hair, sweet fair skin and a pair of beautiful, round, supple and firm breasts; she is definitely a sight like no other.
Have a look at this alluring set, and ogle her body in motion, spinning and shaking her hips while the hoops go round and round. Pearl can even strip whilst hooping – talent or what!
We could stare at Pearl all day. Her vivacious attitude and love of being naked outdoors is so hot. Plus her gorgeous hairy outtie pussy is just so tasty.


Cute busty brunette Margarita is waiting by the window, wishing that someone would come in and fill her up with some good old fashioned sexual satisfaction. Her exotic skin aches to be touched and caressed while her ample bosom and arse just cry out to be squeezed… She plays with herself, spreading and massaging her neatly trimmed pussy hoping and longing for someone to burst in and give her the gratification she needs.

Molly & Rosie

Take a trip back to the day that made GOW history, the day when our (not very) innocent boom mic operator MOLLY switched roles and became the MODEL in this hot, orgasmic girl/girl with the one and only ROSIE!
The BTS pics show all the transitions from clothed to nude, kissing to fucking, laughing to talking sex with Annie behind the scenes and in interviews. The nervous vibe turns into a happy contented feel as the day progresses and everyone gets well-fucked, come along for the ride and enjoy these fun, sexy and cute BTS pics with your favorite pair.