Lana & Magda – Behind the Scenes

This BTS set was taken throughout the whole day, so we have bit from the balloon shoot, the girls eating their lunch naked then getting into the bathroom shoot, where things got hot pretty quickly. Another quick lunch break where Lana and Magda take some cute selfies! Also there are some shots from Stick Tenis too! Be sure to have a good look through these. Theyre great fun! Cleo xx

lana magda bts


We had the pleasure to shoot Karolina in her first ever erotic shoot, and she loved it so much she came back to masturbate using a sex toy for the first time for us too! So lucky we got to catch it on tape!
This BTS set is a compilation of two shoots with Karolina, as she climbed the ladder of sexy shooting with us. Now she has graduated up to fucking other models, and we couldnt be prouder! Check out this cute set and fall even deeper in love and lust with her.

karolina bts

Zahara & Monique – Behind the Scenes

Euro Duo Zahara and Monique had a huge adventure with the ladies of the lens! This was a day they will probably never forget – the day they kissed and touched another girl for the first time. I don’t know what it is that excites us so much…. but, we love to go into the male workplace, after hours, and fuck all around their heavy duty machinery. Rubbing all our girlie flesh on the harsh rusty steel… pressing up against their filthy windscreens of big trucks… leaving remnants of female love juices on their seats…. and urine patches on the soil…lol We leave, at the end…. with a tonne of content, and a exhilarating feeling pumping through our groins… happy faces… another big GirlsOutWest shoot with a couple of little hotties, that pushed themselves to the limit, and perhaps realised that girl on girl action is pretty dam good.

monique zahara bts

Dion – Behind the Scenes

We love to reminisce on the first time we met Dion. We were so amazed at not only her beauty, but her vivid sexuality and radiant personality. Step inside these gorgeous behind the scenes pics and see her hairy pussy in action, taking in her fingers and toys while our beautiful camera operators Annie and Rosie get all the sexy stuff we love so much.

dion bts


Connies tall and slender body is gorgeous on the blue velvet couch. Kicking up her heels, shes wearing red heels and looking like a sexy fetish pin up babe.
She seeks pleasure and thrills, and is into kinky stuff (read her bio to find out more) This girl oozes girlie love juices, see her pussy dripping as she fucks herself with her favourite sex toy.
Connie is going to squirt all over the bed sheets in her upcoming movie with Levi. This is a great girl/boy fuck movie with lots of wet juicy squirt.